New Kaneno 2

/ニューカネノ2期 2017


規模:6階+地下1階 305坪(第二期工事:4~6階 133坪)


A project to convert the upper floors of a wholesale stores into share offices and lounges, where fashion creators can gather.
The client request was to design three types of spaces suitable for holding events and collection presentations regularly: “Booth type”・”Shared office type”・”Office type”.

The adoption of the three typologies refers to a share office space and concerns partitions and furniture. The design started from wondering whether there was a way to make redundancy more attractive to people gathering, and how the gatherings themselves would reflect into the plan. As a result the ceiling plays this pivotal role.
The space is conceived to be without ceiling finishing, only the material underlying the exposed concrete changes accordingly to events and people gathered underneath. This in-between space would have various structural forms and functions.
The “open address” type structure can bear a load of 100 kg per span with a wooden structure on the X axis and metal flat bars on the Y axis, so to host hanged clothes and miscellaneous goods during fashion shows and exhibitions.
For the “booth type” the ceiling is the most public surface, so the structure is reinforced with short wooden panels and a much denser vertical structure, reaching a capacity of 400 kg per spans. The nature of the user is reflected in the ceiling detail.
For the third “office type” space, since the storage space is the most necessary, the structure of the ceiling is reinforced with a diagonal wooden frame.

Location: East Japan Bridge, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Major uses: clothing wholesale store + share office
Size: 6th floor + 1st basement 1010 m2 (2nd phase construction: 4th to 6th floors 440 m2 )
Photography: Suizu Sōichirō



On the fifth floor of the building is located “coconogacco”. Normally a share lounge, it also accommodates various uses such as employee’s rest space, events and fashion shooting.