Wink Lantern

/ウインク・ランタン 2015



Booth design for lighting fair. The whole venue is treated as a town, where the installation acts as a big lantern lighting up the street corner.
The exhibition showed a technology that allows products to integrate to everyday life behaviour, such as illuminating when you say “good morning” or when touching a wall or doorknob. Using this technology, visitors were able to control part of the lighting. In this way, the “town” could assume a variety of expressions, showing different behaviours from the inside to the people outside the booth.The straight tube of LED has a base on the back side of the barrel, in this way black shadows appear as strips on the white fabric. So arranging them while gradually rotating them, we designed 75 LED lights arranged so that direct lighting to indirect lighting changes gradually.

Company: ROHM Co., Ltd.
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight
Period: March 3 – 6, 2015