Energy Forest

/エネルギーの森 熱のみち 2012




ソーラータウンデザインコンペティション 佳作受賞



Proposal of the basic concept of town planning for the suburb of Tokyo metropolitan area in 2030 (Adachi ward Takenzuka).
Gradually Shrink · The plan’s main purpose is to promote the gradual introduction of medium-scale natural energy facilities, while harmonizing public transportation policy and land use policy (stepwise review of past policies) against mature (or ripening) mistake to be sprawled.

◎ The following four points were adopted as the outline of the proposal.
1. Reduce the residential area to a range within walking distance from the station, make it a compact town, and let the forest spread at a short walking distance.
2. In the forest outside the range of walking, electricity is generated by adopting a photovoltaic power generation system with a small transportation loss.
In the town area (urban area) within walking distance, we adopt a solar thermal utilization system which has high transportation loss but high efficiency and creates heat.
3. Use the “road” of the forest and urban area as the installation place of the panel.
4. We use heat (cold · warm) created by urban roads not only inside the building but also outside, to generate a comfortable external space “heat circle” and arrange so that all residents can reach the road soon.

◎ We suggested the following facilities and facilities to be a guideline for community development.
Public hot / cold areas, youth · Hospice, heat road, carshare park, school hot spring, energy forest

Solar Town Design Competition Honorable Mention award winning
Address: Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Collaborative design: Norihisa Kawashima

* For further details, the proposal panel can be downloaded and viewed from the following website.