Swing swing rotate

/Swing swing rotate :ユメイエ展出展 @TARO NASU Gallery  2017


ドローイング所蔵:NND collection

会場:TARO NASU(東京都千代田区)


The design tried to grasp the sign of life drifting in the sky, through the physical verification of a flat cone. Regulated by the ascending air current, a cone colored like the sky floats in the air and continues to rotate loosely. The cone hosts countless of holes with a diameter of 1.3 mm, to allow the air passage and to create a rotating force, generating the movement. The rotational movement of these fine forces deductively shaped the cone with a trial and error method. The extreme light shape weights 5.5 gr and has a 0.3 mm diameter wire support.

Collection holding: NND collection
Cooperation: Ishikawa Culture Promotion Foundation
Photography: Anna Nagai
Exhibition name: “Yumeie exhibition: a young Japanese architect”
Venue: TARO NASU (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo)
Period: 2017.07.28 – 2017.08.12