Midami unmanned station

/美談駅改修 国際ワークショップ  2011


島根県出雲市の一畑電鉄の無人駅、美談(みだみ)駅の改修。City Switch IZUMOに講師として参加し、学生や一畑電鉄、出雲建築家フォーラム等と協力して実現した。改修方針を検討するワークショップと、セルフビルドで実際に改修するワークショップの、2度のワークショップを経て完成した。


Improvement of unmanned station of Ichinose Daimetsu in Izumo City, Shimane prefecture, Nogashi (Midimi) station. Participated in City Switch IZUMO as a lecturer and realized in cooperation with students, Ichinoda Electric Railway, Izumo Architectural Forum etc. It was completed after two workshops on examine remodeling policy and a workshop to actually repair with self-build.
The unmanned station of Ichinoda Electric Train has familiarity like the middle between the railway station and the bus stop common to the area. Because the train only stops for only a couple of times in one hour, the station is designed to admire the sight of the beauty of the surrounding landscape while waiting. We used materials that are easy to see frequently in surrounding agricultural warehouses and garages, and made newness and nostalgia coexist.

Location: Izumo shimane prefecture
Main application: Station building
Structure: wooden
Scale: First floor above ground
Collaborative design: Esumi Toshinori, Nishizawa Takao