MiCHi cafe

/ミチ・カフェ 2016


MiCHi cafe website http://michicafe.letsgojp.com/

撮影:Greg Lin

Renovation design of antenna shop / cafe to introduce Japanese culture to Taiwan in conjunction with web media. The site is located in emerging downtown area in Taipei City, Taiwan, in an orderly city block born with the expansion of the city. A narrow back road that is less than 2 m in width traverses through the center of the block. It works as a continuum of gaps created on the back of the building, facing the main street. Different shops are lined up from the main street, creating a unique atmosphere. City blocks with two districted surfaces of this kind are very typical in the city.
It is interesting to experience the stroll and walking between the front and back, but the only access to the back streets always happens is from a street on the side of the block. Before the intervention, there were no shops with entrances on both sides of the front and back. So by making an entrance to both the front and the back, the new store interior works as an extension of the town, like walking in one of the side roads. The glass façade of the store is completely operable, giving the feeling that the town is flowing inside the shop. In this way, this commercial shop works as if it didn’t have a façade, directly participating in the block fabric.

Location: Taipei, Taiwan, Taiwan Dunjeon South Road
Main application: Store (antenna shop, cafe)
Total floor space: 120 m²
Scale: 1st floor + basement 1st floor
Photography: Greg Lin

▽ Upper photo : State of the main street, middle: entrance to the back road, lower: niche on the back street