New Kaneno 1

/ニューカネノ1期 2016




規模:6階+地下1階 305坪(第一期工事:1~3階+6階 223坪)

A renovation project for a wholesale store building located in Higashi-Nihombashi, Japan’s largest wholesale district. The design of the store involves both the display areas and the storage ones, which have to stock up to 50,000 pieces of clothing. Other than deal with this overwhelming physical quantity, the process involved short construction term and low budget.

The goal of the design was to create a store that complements the surrounding still keeping its own individuality.
The wholesale area is a commercial form familiar with the use of cardboard box, constantly present in the area. Therefore, we based the renovation design on the use of the box: made of special grey corrugated board (un-pigmented base paper made from waste paper), the boxes come in two different sizes and can store all the 50,000 items.
The gray corrugated cardboard has a higher degree of abstraction than brown and does not hinder buyers’ view. In addition, in the product display section, we produced a simple frame with solid Japanese domestic pine wood. The 3000 drawer boxes were factory assembled and stacked up on site, together with the pine frame. We built up approximately 500 m2 of store interior (1st – 3rd floor) in 2 days.
While dividing the environment into multiple spaces with different proportions only by the operation of piling up the boxes, we created a space that gently connects the whole body.

In the case of a single cardboard, it is usually formed by a three-layer structure of two sides of paper and one forming the core. The grey paper used in this projects is inferior to the standard brown cardboard in terms of strength. So, by making use of the three-layer structure, we aimed at securing the strength of the corrugated board first, by using two sheets of special grey paper and a central part which is not visible on the surface, made with high-intensity brown paper. 190 (g / m2) · S160 (g / m2) · 190 (g / m2) (= Bond paper, brown paper, bond paper) paper were used. In this way the paper answers to all the design requirements, from all perspectives, including design flexibility, strength and folding precision at the time of assembly.Furthermore, the cardboard can be easily carved at the factory with a custom pattern.
During the assembly, the drawer opening was reinforced to realize a strength similar to masonry.

Location: Higashi-Nihombashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Main application: Apparel wholesale store
Scale: 6th floor + 1st floor basement 1010 m2 (1st phase construction: 1st to 3rd floor + 6th floor 740 m2 )
Cardboard box making: OJI Industrial Materials Management Co., Ltd., OJI Container Co., Ltd.
Photography: Suizu Sōichirō