Ink and wind, paper and sky

/インクと風か、紙とそら 2018





LIXIL eye 15 Feb.2018 に掲載

Ink and wind or paper and sky

Every time you read a book, a space is created between paper and paper and it then disappears. We can enter the world of a book only by creating this emptiness. To fold the edge of the page into a triangle is to create a thin layer of air in there, keeping the book’s world lingering in it. The sign of a delicate and uncertain space between such paper and paper . Wanting to make it a slightly more certain form, we created our own secret world by stacking two crushed pieces of paper.
This world is extremely fragile, and holding it in a certain way changes the air space, and the gloss of the paper makes the ink shine white.
Some people get deep into a rainbow-colored tunnel, others run through the sky and the sea. Sometimes they are in a sand dune with a rainbow colored pergola, some others they will land on a planet sandwiched between earth and earth. Such is the story of the world that blows between ink and wind and paper.


All buildings are made through the plane. Architecture emerges from performing various plane representations such as drawings, sketches, texts, drawings, etc. to convey the image to people.
The booklet, published by Lixil eye, is structured so that the back cover and the last page can realize an architecture with paper.
The little character of the story can be cut from the cover cardboard, while putting a small object under the last page, like a pen, an eraser or a pencil, creates a curve that simulates an hill. The pages, cut and folded make a new space open to the imagination of the reader.