Angelica Garden

/アンジェリカ・ガーデン  2014




照明設計:Phenomenon Lightning Design Office Inc.


Design of hair salon and photo wedding space.
The site is located on the borderline between the urbanization “adjustment area” and the urbanization area. Here the landscape switches from the verticality of the buildings to the horizontal surface of the paddy fields.
The building is designed like a wooden box floating gently at the center of the garden, while keeping distance from existing houses. The design of the first floor allows a continuity between the paddy fields and the building, so that the energy and abundance of the land could flow to the interior.
While securing a big volume so that the inner environment is as close to the outside as possible, first of all, we created a skeleton that divides the building up and down into two, and we put a very light floor there. Making the whole building slender at east and west, the bright inner space faces the south garden no matter where you are, and you can reach the outside in just a few steps. The elongated surface also allows a bigger portion of the facade to touch the outside, so that it feels closer. While designing a comfortable space, we aimed to make walking in the building equivalent to walking in the garden. Required rooms on the first floor were consolidated in the lower northern half of the ceiling height. The mirror is attached to the entire wall of the room, disappearing inside the scenery of the garden and giving the feeling of being surrounded on all sides by the garden.

Fukushima Prefecture Building Culture Award Excellence Award

Location: Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture
Main application: Beauty salon
Site area: 1408.94 m²
Construction area: 165.78 m²
Total floor area: 249.31 m²
Structure: steel frame + wooden structure
Size: 2 floors above ground
Structural design: Hiraiwa Yoshiyuki
Landscape design: Takio Inada
Lighting design: Phenomenon Lightning Design Office Inc.
Construction: Hachiko Construction Co., Ltd.