Horizontal aquarium

/水平線の水族館  2012


ガラス建築の設計競技 優秀賞受賞 及び展示
期間: 2012年3月10日(土)~5月31日(木)
場所: AGC studio1階 ギャラリー

Proposal of the world’s thinnest aquarium in the world, using thin-film glass with a thickness of 0.1 mm.

When one understands the structural characteristics of the thin glass, a paradise for children is born. Glass flexibility is inversely proportional to its thickness, so, the thicker the glass plate, the more rigid it will be. A glass panel as thick as a sheet, will thus have an incredible flexibility, bending smoothly. When the glass film is placed over the water, the pressure from the loads of the people and the water force will balance, avoiding the glass to break, redistributing the weight.

Awarded and displayed exhibition of glass architectural design competition excellent prize
Period: Saturday, March 10th – Thursday, May 31, 2012
Location: AGC studio 1st floor gallery
Commemorative talk event report