Cornelis Hollander

/コーネリス・ホランダー展 会場構成  2010



Exhibition composition for Cornelis Hollander’s jewelry.
The client of the exhibition borrows and sells Hollander works and antique watches.
Once a year, he organizes a modest but special exhibition in a small office borrowing works sold to various people in the past.
Only for four days, he gathers 31 Hollander works from different owners in a small room.

Cornelis Hollander’s jewellery work was visually and physically heavy and at the same time had an unstable centre of gravity. Therefore, the idea for the exhibition is to suspend the jewellery from one single point, in order for it to be immobile and obediently follow gravity.
The floating motionless jewellery thus creates a landscape in which the center of gravity of each work is expressed most strikingly.
Also, in response to the client ‘s desire to show a sculptural dynamism different from any angle, a white circular base of φ 70 is placed on the center circle of the rotation axis, so that the pieces can easily viewed from all angles without having to touch them.
The height of the circles is studied to carefully align with the lower end of the drooping wall, so that the sundlight reflects and diffuses on the floor, and no shadow is casted on the ceiling.