Modality And Foam

/モダリティと泡 :海法圭展 @プリズミックギャラリー 2018


会場:Prismic gallery(東京都港区)

(1)黒滝真理子 (2005) DeonticからEpistemicへの普遍性と相対性 – モダリティの日英語対照研究. くろしお出版

Composition of a solo exhibition. In the Japanese language “modalities” can be regarded as “grammar techniques telling unreal situation” . The exhibition included a 1/50 scale diagram, a large scale picture, a 1/5 detail drawing, a structural analysis diagram, a 1/50 model, and a 1/1 mockup. To look at the “modalities” is a guidepost to break away from the dichotomy of the “to realize” and “what may be realized”, presenting an alternative to the opposition between realism and evidentialism.

Photography: Suizu Sōichirō

Exhibition name: “Modality and foam / maritime keace exhibition”
Venue: Prismic gallery (Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Period: 2018.03.24 – 2018.05.19

(1) Kurotaki Mariko (2005) Universality and Relativity from Deontic to Epistemic – Japanese-English Control Study of Modality – Kuroshio Publishing