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/西田の増築 2012



​「JA86」SUMMER, 2012 に掲載


The addition is perched on top of the first-story roof of a detached house. It contains an unusual, 13-square-meter space narrow, and has a low ceiling. One might describe it as an enclosed, 20-cubic-meter piece of sky.
Though this addition is situated in a cold climate, I created a large aperture in its eastern side to facilitate ventilation. Since it’s ceiling and walls are always at arm’s length, I selected materials that felt pleasant, radiated heat, and don’t interfere within the space. Opening the windows lets in the breeze. The floors can be removed and re-installed easily. One can remove them to transform the addition into a ventilation tower that draws air and light through the house; one re-install them to accommodate guests or additional family members. In designing this addition, my aim was neither to find an optimal solution regarding light heat and ventilation nor to merely provide extra square footage. Rather, it was to provide an addition with the aptitude to reorganize the environment of the building.
Location: Yamagata Prefecture Yamagata Prefecture
Main use: Private housing
Site area: 228.59 m²
Construction area: 108.59 m²
Total floor area: 156.92 m²
Structure: wooden
Size: 2 floors above ground

“JA86” published in SUMMER, 2012