Tobacco stand

/タバコ・スタンド 2015




内装設計:山家明(mountain house architects)
「商店建築2015年8月号」「L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui 413 (2016 July)」に掲載

Design of a tobacco bars and rest areas dealing with tobacco around the world. A white volume of 3 m2 placed in the clearance of a large miscellaneous building group, the small stand has a clean and delicate look. The second floor is a resting place without a roof surrounded by mesh screens. The mesh reduces the strong breeze, floods the space with gentle light, and filters the UV light. Also, the mesh is a facade to visualize, absorbing the exhaust gas of the car, improving the quality of the air at the resting place and gradually becoming dirty.
The buildings on the street are facing west, so it is a dark facade until the afternoon, but thanks to the mesh, the stand takes the sunrise light rising from the east and shines from the morning.

It uses □ 45 × 45 of a carbon fiber (CFRP) square pipe with a thickness of only 1.5 mm as its structure. Because the specific gravity of CFRP is 1/4 lighter compared to a steel frame, and its specific strength is 10 times. The same strength of a rigid structure of 100 kg of solid steel frame is realized with only 6 kg of square pipes of almost the same size. Even if it receives the wind, it sways swiftly like a bamboo and pushes the force to the ground.
The movement of the wind can then be transferred to the ground directly with the use of four anchors on a thin asphalt, without the need of an RC foundation, usually required by these kind of light structures. This stand then becomes a resting place that is in light contact with the ground.

Location: Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Main application: Store
Construction area: 9.55 m²
Total floor space: 9.55 m²
Structure: CFRP construction + wooden construction
Scale: One floor above ground
Interior design: Mountain House Architects
Structure: Kenichi Inoue
Photography: Suizu Sōichirō
Published in: L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui 413 (2016 July)